As property inspection professionals – we perform regular real estate home inspections on homes every single day… and we see a ton of stuff. One thing that always stands out – is when a home has not been properly maintained. Of course, not every family has a strong man to do all the heavy lifting that some maintenance requires, or a savvy lady who likes to ‘do everything’ on her … click here to read more

The Texas Real Estate market is hot, hot, hot! And a professional property inspection is a huge part of buying or selling a home.  Hiring an experienced home inspector is paramount – so that you can avoid costly repairs to your  new home or allowances to a new buyer.   There are three things that everyone should know about hiring a professional home inspector in Texas – whether it’s for a … click here to read more

Home and Garden TV offers the top ten “Biggest Mistakes in Real Estate”. Coming in at number 6 – “Not Getting a Professional Home Inspection” – is one we know all too well. Buying a home in Dallas is a huge investment – and it can be stressful venturing into the unknown territory of home values, negotiations and taking on something big – even when you don’t know how well … click here to read more

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